Trial Data Import

Importing Data

To help get your team started, Mosaic recommends beginning with a data import of the key data types that your team is interested in working with:

  • Up to 100 members
  • Up to 20 projects
  • Up to 10 phases per project
  • Up to 10,000 time entries
  • Up to 1,000 tasks
  • Up to 1,000 work plans


Project and Phase Limits

You may request an import for a maximum of 20 projects, and 200 phases. The amount of phases should not exceed 10 per unique project included in the import. For example:

  • 10 projects are included in your import file, you may request at most 100 phases
  • 1 project is included in your import file, you may request at most 10 phases.

Phases should be limited to 10 per project, you may not request an import of 2 projects, one with 20 phases and the other with no phases.

Prior to beginning your trial period, you can submit a package of .csv files to your Mosaic rep to be imported for you.
For example, if your team is interested in working with project planning you might like to have members, projects and phases, and work plans imported. In this case you should submit the following files: members.csv, projects.csv, and work plans.csv.

Available Data Types

Please be prepared to submit all of the data you would like to import for your trial at the same time.


Data Accuracy

Mosaic will import the data as it is received. Please ensure that your import files contain accurate data, and use consistent names to avoid creating duplicates.
i.e. "John Doe" and "Johnny Doe" will be treated as separate members by the upload process.

How Long Does an Import Take?

After receiving your import files you can expect confirmation that your trial data imports are complete in ~3 business days. If there are issues with the files submitted you can expect to hear from your Mosaic rep within 1 business day.

Trial Integrations

Mosaic does not offer free integrations during a trial period. If you are interested in having an integration available to you during your trial, please speak with your Mosaic rep.

What happens to my data after my trial?

Depending on how you used Mosaic during your trial, and how you intend to use Mosaic after your trial you have two options:

  • Keep your trial instance
  • Start over with a new instance of Mosaic

Keeping Your Trial Instance

You might like to keep your trial instance and continue working with it if:

  • You expect to continue working without an integration
  • You are happy with the state that your data is in (project planning is accurate, tasks and milestones have been sen, etc)
  • You have added a lot of data that was not in your initial imports, and is not recorded elsewhere

Starting With a New Instance

You might like to use a new instance of Mosaic if:

  • You expect to have an integration (Integrations might not be compatible with the data you had imported for your trial)
  • You tried out some things during your trial that don't reflect the actual state of your projects
  • You would like to start fresh with your team

Getting Your Data Into Mosaic After Your Trial

After completing your trial you are free to import as much data as you would like into Mosaic. Our Customer Success team will work with you to understand and be comfortable with the import process.
The importing process is intended to be an easy way to get your current data into Mosaic, if you are expecting to regularly need to import data into Mosaic, please bring this up to your Mosaic rep.