Deltek Vision FAQs

Q: How can I integrate Deltek Vision phases into Mosaic?

  • Deltek Vision supports up to 2 levels of phases for a project. By default, Mosaic supports this project structure:
    • Project (Deltek Vision Project)
      • Phase (Deltek Vision Phase)
        • Work Category (Deltek Vision Task)
  • If you use 2 levels of phases (Deltek Vision Phases and Tasks) for project planning, you should consider using subphases.

Subphases Support (Coming Soon)


Please Note:

Subphases are an optional feature.

If you are interested in turning on Subphases to integrate the lowest level of phases (Deltek Vision Task) from Deltek Vision, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Q: How does Mosaic determine if a project or time entry is billable or non-billable?

Mosaic fetches projects and time entries data from Deltek Vision.

In Deltek Vision, Charge Type values are defined at the project level and inherited by all time entries associated with it. Mosaic maps Deltek Vision Charge Type values to its own Billable field as follows:

Deltek Vision Project Charge TypeMosaic Project/Time Entries Billable Field

To mark a project and its time entries as billable, change the Project Charge Type to Regular. To mark them as non-billable, change the Project Charge Type to either Overhead or Promotional.

Please note that only Posted time entries have a Billable status, while all Unposted time entries are considered Non-Billable.


For Deltek Vision Cloud:

If you are using Deltek Vision Cloud, you need to upload the latest version of the Stored Procedure for Timesheets to enable access to the Billable status field. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for the Stored Procedure and more information.

Q: How does Mosaic map Deltek Vision Project Statuses?

By default, Mosaic maps the Deltek Vision Project Status in the following way:

Deltek Vision Project StatusMosaic Project Status
DormantArchived (user-configurable)

Q: How can I sync Billing Methods and Billing Rates from Deltek Vision to Mosaic?

Mosaic provides seamless integration of Billing Methods and Billing Rates from Deltek Vision. This feature enables you to synchronize the following Billing Methods and Rates from Deltek Vision to Mosaic:

  • Rate Times Multiplier
  • Rate Table
  • By Category
  • By Labor Code

How to review and configure Billing Methods and Multipliers on Deltek Vision:

To configure Billing Methods and Multipliers on Deltek Vision, follow these steps:

  1. In Deltek Vision, navigate to the Billing module.
  2. Click on Billing Terms.
  3. Select the Project/Phase/Task you're interested in from the top left of the page.
  4. Go to the Labor tab.
    1. If Rate table is selected, make sure to enter a Rate Table.
  5. Choose a Method and input the necessary Multiplier(s) as required.

For more detailed information on Deltek Vision Billing Methods, you can refer to Deltek Vision's Labor Methods Overview documentation.

Overview of Mosaic's Deltek Vision Billing Methods Feature

Once you've configured Billing Methods and Multipliers on Deltek Vision and enabled the billing methods feature, here's how Mosaic handles them:

  • Project Budget Modal: The Manage Time By setting is automatically set to the corresponding Billing Method from Deltek Vision.
  • Project Budget Modal > Rate Multipliers: The Cost Rate Multiplier field is set to match the corresponding Multiplier from Deltek Vision if the Deltek Vision Billing Method is Rate times multiplier.
  • Project Budget Modal: The Budget Tracking Level is set to Track time by Work Category if the Deltek Vision Billing Method is By Category.

Summary of Mosaic Changes:

Deltek Vision Billing MethodMosaic Billing MethodMosaic Rate Multiplier FieldsMosaic Budget Tracking Level
Rate Times MultiplierMember RatesCost Rate Multiplier-
Rate TableMember Rates--
By CategoryRole Rates--
By Labor CodeWork Category Rates-Track time by Work Category

Example Role Rates billing method, with the Category Standards Role Rate Table selected.

Example Work Category Rates billing method, with the Staff Billing Rates Work Category Rate Table selected.

Enabling Deltek Vision Billing Methods

Before you can make use of the Deltek Vision Billing Methods feature in Mosaic, there are prerequisites to ensure a smooth experience. The requirements may differ based on whether you are using the Deltek Vision Cloud or Deltek Vision On-Premise integrations.


Vision Billing Methods Feature Prerequisites:

For Deltek Vision Cloud Users:

To enable this feature in your Deltek Vision Cloud environment, you will need to have the following in place:

  • Stored Procedures: Ensure that the necessary stored procedures are uploaded to your Deltek Vision Cloud environment. These procedures are essential to support the functionality of the Deltek Vision Billing Methods feature.
  • If you have any questions or need assistance with acquiring the required stored procedures, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

For Deltek Vision On-Premise Users:

For users on the Deltek Vision On-Premise environment, the prerequisites are slightly different:

  • Tables and Columns: Ensure that your replication includes the required tables and columns to support the Deltek Vision Billing Methods feature. These specific data structures are essential for the feature's proper functioning.
  • If you're unsure whether your replication includes the necessary tables and columns or if you need to have additional ones added, please contact your Customer Success Manager for clarification and assistance.

To sync Deltek Vision Billing Methods to Mosaic, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Organization Settings > Integrations > Deltek Vision integration.
  2. Click the Gear icon to open the Integration Settings modal.
  3. Select the setting Do you want to sync Vision Labor Billing Terms to Mosaic's Project Rate Types?
  1. If you would like to include the third multiplier field from Deltek Vision, select the setting Should multiplier 3 be included for project/phase/task billing multipliers?
  • By default, Mosaic syncs only the first and second multiplier fields from Deltek Vision.


Please Note:

Enabling this setting will overwrite any existing Billing Methods manually entered in Mosaic, including:

  • Manage Time By field
  • Rate Multipliers fields
  • Unassigned Rate Group field

How Deltek Vision's Integrated Bill Rates Work

Integrated Bill Rates are applied to:

  • Planned Time
  • Time Entries created within Mosaic

Integrated Bill Rates will not be applied to:

  • Time Entries created within Vision