Unanet A/E Cloud Integration

DirectionEstimated TimeVendorVendor Docs
1-way< 24 hoursUnanet A/E Product WebsiteUnanet Support Login

Integration Setup

  1. Login to Unanet A/E.
  2. Create a User with a Username and Password. You will need to copy over the Username and Password onto Mosaic in Step #10.
  3. Provide the User permissions to the following:
    1. API Management Applet
    2. Data Dictionary
  4. Find the Server URL, it will have a format similar to https://<subdomain>.infocusapp.com/api/<database-name>. You will need to copy over the Server URL onto Mosaic in Step #10.
  5. Find the Company ID. You will need to copy over the Company ID onto Mosaic in Step #10.
  6. Navigate to Administration > API Management > Manage Keys to create a new API Key for the integration. You will need to copy over the API Key onto Mosaic in Step #10.

Integrate with Mosaic

  1. Login to Mosaic (projects.mosaicapp.com) and navigate to the company settings from the Home screen
  1. Select Integrations from the Settings menu.
  1. Select Unanet A/E Cloud from the Financial options.
  2. Enter the Server URL, Company ID, API Key, Username and Password and click Connect.