Deltek Vision Cloud Integration

Integration Setup

  1. Create a new role by navigating to Configuration → Security → Roles → New
  2. Under the General tab:
    • Give your role an appropriate name, and select “Admin” for role type
    • Check “Allow Access to SOAP API”
  3. Select permissions to access the following areas:
    • Info Center
      • Client
      • Employee
      • Project
    • Planning
      • Project Planning
    • Transaction Center
      • Transaction Entry
    • Time & Expense
      • Timesheet

  1. Under the Access Rights Tab select the “Functional Area” from the drop down, select “Application Tabs”, then check “Full access to all tabs”
  2. Save your new role.
  3. Create a new user by navigating to Configuration → Security → Users → New
  4. Give your new user a name, and a strong password.
  5. In the drop down for “Role”, select the role that you just created
  6. In the drop down for “Employee”, select one of your Admin employees
  7. Save the new user.
  8. (Optional) Use field level security to disallow access to any sensitive information. See Field Level Security for details.

Integrate with Mosaic

Please provide the following details:

  1. The username and password of the new user you’ve created
  2. The URL that you use to access your web application (this usually looks like


  1. Login to Mosaic and navigate to the company settings from the Home screen
  1. Select Integrations from the Settings menu
  1. Select Deltek Vision Cloud from the financial options
  1. Enter the URL, username and password and click connect

Integration Settings


You can configure Mosaic to show your fees using your Direct Labor Fee + Direct Consult Fee, or just the Direct Labor Fee. In Vision, these fields are located in the Projects -> Budget & Revenue tab


Use just Direct Labor (blue) as your Direct Labor Fee in Mosaic, or the Direct Labor (blue) + Direct Consult (green) as your Fee in Mosaic