Integrated Data

Integrated Data Types

By integrating your Vision on-premise data with Mosaic, you will be able to import the following:

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Project, Phases, Tasks
  • Time Entries
  • Work Plans
  • Labor Codes

As Mosaic works on adding more data points to our integration with Deltek Vision on-premise, this list may change. When a new feature is added to Mosaic, you can expect your Customer Success Manager to reach out requesting access to your server to update your replication.

Integrated Data Fields

Data Sources

Vision Data TypesMosaic Data Types
Info Center → Employees → General
- Name → First
- Name → Middle
- Name → Last
- Email
- Title
- Name
- Email
- Title
Info Center → Clients → General
- Name
- Title
Info Center → Projects
- Budget & Revenue → Compensation
- Budget & Revenue → Direct Consult
- Budget & Revenue → Direct Labor
- General → Short Name
- General → Client Address
- General → Primary Client
- General → Project
- General → Status
- Dates & Cost → Initial Dates → Start
- Dates & Cost → Initial Dates → ActCompletionDate
- General → Phase (only visible on 2nd project level)
- General → Task (only visible on 3rd project level)
Project, Phase, Work Category
- Title
- Fee
- Client (Projects only)
- Schedules (Work Categories only)
Time & Expense → Timesheet → Timesheet Detail Grid
- Project
- Phase
- Task
- Period Ending (in header record)
- Employee reference (in header record)
- Comment
- Reg (In Detail Block below grid)
- Ovt (in Detail Block below grid)
- Labor Code

Note: Time Entries synced into Mosaic by default are only those that have been posted in Vision. If you would like to use unposted time instead, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details.
Time Entry
- Date
- Hours
- Client
- Project
- Phase
- Work Category
- Description
- Billable
- Rate
Planning → Project Planning → Labor
- Project Number
- Phase Number
- Task Number
- Labor Code (Fourth level)
- Employee
- Hours (Right Grid)
- Start
- Finish
Work Plan
- Project
- Phase
- Work Category
- Employee
- Hours
- Start/End Dates
Configuration → Planning → Generic Resources (Only visible if Planning module installed) → Labor Code
- Code
- Name
Work Category
- Number
- Title
Configuration → Codes → Organization
- Code
- Label
- Organization

Mosaic is constantly working on adding more features to our integrations; you can expect additional data points to be added to your integration in the near future!

Unsupported Data Sources

  • Changing field names in Mosaic to match custom labelling in Vision
  • Integrating Data Types that are not explicitly listed in the Vision Integration Documentation
  • WBS Fee information from any location other than:
    • Projects Info Center
    • Billing Terms Section (users are required to maintain this data so that it can be integrated reliably)


Please Note:

If there is a data endpoint not listed in this documentation and it is required for your integration, it will be a customization, charged at an hourly rate.

Extended Data Fields

Replicated Data

Mosaic replicates a subset of the data tables that are available in Vision on-premise. The following tables will be included in your replication:

Table NameTable DescriptionUsage in Mosaic
billLabDetailInvoice Detail Table - Labor Detail for Prior BillingsBill Rate integration (Coming soon)
BTBilling Terms TableBill Rate integration (Coming soon)
BTLaborCatsDescriptionsBilling Configuration Table - Labor Category Descriptions, by LanguageEmployee Role integration (Coming soon)
BTRCTBilling Rate Table - Labor Category TablesBill Rate integration (Coming soon)
BTRCTCatsBilling Rate Table - Labor CategoriesBill Rate integration (Coming soon)
BTRCTEmplsBilling Rate Table - Labor Category Table Employee OverridesBill Rate integration (Coming soon)
BTROTBilling Rate Table - Labor Override TablesBill Rate integration (Coming soon)
BTROTCatsBilling Rate Table - Labor Category Override TablesBill Rate integration (Coming soon)
BTROTEmplsBilling Rate Table - Labor OverridesBill Rate integration (Coming soon)
CAChart of Accounts TableBudgets integration (Coming soon)
CABCorporate Budgets TableBudgets integration (Coming soon)
CABDetailCorporate Budgets Table - DetailBudgets integration (Coming soon)
CFGEMSkillDescriptionsConfiguration Table - Employee Skill/Discipline Code Descriptions, by LanguageSkills and Disciplines integration (Coming soon)
CFGFormatConfiguration Table - Delimiters and Other FormatsTime Entry Integration
CFGLCCodesDataConfiguration Table - Codes for Labor Code LevelsTime Entry Integration
CFGLCCodesDescriptionsConfiguration Table - Descriptions for Labor Code Level Codes, by LanguageTime Entry Integration
CLClient TableClient integration
CostRTEmplsCost/Pay Labor Rate Table - DetailEmployee integration (Coming soon)
EBExpense Budget TableBudgets integration (Coming soon)
ekDetailExpense Table - Data Entry DetailBudgets integration (Coming soon)
EMAccrualEmployee Payroll Table - AccrualsEmployee integration (Coming soon)
EMCompanyEmployee Company TableEmployee integration
EMMainEmployee TableEmployee integration
EMProjectAssocEmployee Table - Project AssociationsProject integration (Coming soon)
EMSkillsEmployees Table - SkillsSkills and Disciplines integration (Coming soon)
erDetailEmployee Repayments Table - Data Entry DetailExpenses integration (Coming soon)
GRGeneric ResourceBill Rate integration (Coming soon)
LBLabor Budget TableProject integration
LDLabor Detail TableTime Entry integration
OppLaborOpportunity Table - Labor Grid of Service Estimate Tab (CRM only)Project integration (Coming soon)
OpportunityOpportunity Table (CRM only)Project integration (Coming soon)
OpportunityClientAssocOpportunity Table - Client Associations (CRM only)Client integration (Coming soon)
OrganizationConfiguration Table - OrganizationsOrganization filtering integration
PRProject TableProject integration
PRDescriptionsProject Table - Project DescriptionsProject integration (Coming soon)
prDetailPrints/Reproduction Expense Table - Data Entry DetailProject integration (Coming soon)
PRFProject Financial TableProject integration (Coming soon)
PRFEPhasesThis table contains fee estimate phase data for projects.Project integration (Coming soon)
RPAssignmentResource Planning - Assignment TableWork Plan integration
RPPlanResource Planning - Plan TableWork Plan integration (Coming soon)
RPPlannedLaborResource Planning - Planned Labor TableWork Plan integration
RPTaskResource Planning - TasksWork Plan integration
tkDetailTime Table - Data Entry DetailWork Plan integration
tkMasterTime Table - Data Entry MasterWork Plan integration
tsDetailTimesheets Table - Data Entry DetailWork Plan integration
tsMasterTimesheets Table - Data Entry MasterWork Plan integration

For more information on what these tables contain, you can reference the Deltek Vision DataDictionary. It can be found in your Vision application: On the title bar the top of the Vision screen, click "Help" and then "Data Dictionary".