Uploading Employees

While Mosaic can be used to input employees (members), members can also be uploaded from other tools to Mosaic for complete budgets and details on the progress of your projects.

To upload members:

  1. Confirm either Mosaic Support or your Customer Success Manager have enabled the members upload tool on your account. To request this tool be added to your account, reach out to our team via [email protected]

  2. Next, download the members import template here


Please Note:

Ensure your data is accurate and all employees are spelled correctly. Employees will be created exactly as you’ve entered them on the import template.

Ensure employee information is consistent throughout the import template. For example, discrepancies like the following will create duplicates:

  • Employee: Benjamin Smith v Ben Smith

If Mosaic is integrated with your financial tool, ensure the names on the import template match what is in Mosaic.

Here is an overview of the details needed for each column:

EmailEmail of employee[email protected]Yes
First NameFirst name of employeeRobertYes
Last NameLast name of employeeSmithYes
Skip InviteWhether you would like to send an invitation email to the employee to sign up on Mosaicaccepted values = "true" and "false"No

Note: This is set to "true" as default and can be left blank
Employment TypeEmployment types supported by Mosaic:
- Member (default)
- Contractor (Internal)
- Project Contractor (External)
- Project Guest

Note: Time entries are not supported for Guests.
accepted values =
"contractor_internal", "contractor_external",

Note: This is set to "Member" as default and can be left blank.
RoleThe employee's roleMarketing CoordinatorNo
Rate AmountBill Rate (you can also add their Cost Rate once you are in Mosaic)$275This is only required if providing a Rate Description.
Rate DescriptionNormally the employee's titlePartnerThis is only required if providing a Rate Amount. This description needs to be unique. You cannot have same rate description for different rate amount
PTO HoursThe amount of annual Paid Time Off (PTO) hours for that employee10This is only required if providing a PTO Description.
PTO DescriptionThe description for the PTO hoursThis is a descriptionThis is only required if providing PTO Hours. This description needs to be unique.
DisciplineThe employee's discipline within the companyFunctional ServicesNo
OfficeYou can only choose existing office locations within the teamNew YorkNo
RegionThe employee's primary regionUSNo
DepartmentThe employee's division within the companyMarketingNo
SkillsThe employee's skills separated by a comma

There is also an option to add a skill level by appending ':[1-5]' to the skill name. If this is not provided, the default value will be 1.
React, Node, Rails

React:5, Node:3, Rails:2

accepted values for skill level = 1-5
Currency (Coming soon)The specific member's currencyUSD

accepted values = 3-letter ISO Currency Codes


Please Note:

Members imports will only create additional roles and rates (if they don't exist on Mosaic), but it will not update or delete any existing roles or rates.

  1. Export your completed members import file to the .csv format. Date fields work best in .csv formats.

  2. Navigate to Company Settings -> Members and click the 3-dot menu, Import Members and select Upload Members to upload your .csv file.

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  1. Select the file you would like to import using the file selector or drag and drop the file here.
  1. Once uploaded, the software will try to auto-map the information that we need. You can also change the mapped columns by clicking the dropdown from your columns. It may take some time for the information to auto-populate in our field columns.
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  1. Once columns have been linked, and any red rows have been addressed, select "Continue" in the top right corner and click submit data.

Note: You should see this message when it's successfully uploaded

  1. Thats it! Your newly uploaded members have been successfully uploaded to Mosaic. Please allow up to 24 hours for all members to finish populating on Mosaic.