Integrating Time Entries

This guide offers practical advice on how to ensure continuous time entry synchronization, and troubleshoot missing time entries related to improper linking of members, projects, phases, and work categories. We've detailed Mosaic's fetch ranges, linking requirements, and key strategies to ensure uninterrupted time entry synchronization.

Should you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager.

Requirements for Time Entry Synchronization

Time entries will sync automatically from your integrated application and Mosaic when all the following requirements are met:

  • The Member is linked
  • The Project is linked
  • The Phase is linked (if relevant)
  • The Work Category is linked (this may be referred to as Labor Code, Activity, or Service Item depending on your integrated application, and is relevant where applicable).

Addressing Unlinked Projects, Phases, Members, or Work Categories

For a comprehensive guide on how to ensure all requirements are met for proper synchronization of time entries, please refer to this documentation.

Troubleshooting Missing Time Entries

Common Causes of Missing Spent Time

Missing time entries could be caused by the fetch range or unlinked projects, phases, members, or work categories.

Mosaic's Fetch Range Explanation

  • During its initial fetch, Mosaic retrieves time entries from the past 10 years.
  • Following the initial fetch, Mosaic gathers time entries 120 days back each day.
    • This implies that modifications to time entries that have a transaction date within the past 120 days will be synchronized.
    • Modifications to time entries beyond this 120-day range will not be synchronized.
  • Please note, this range may vary based on your specific integration.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

To facilitate a smoother troubleshooting process for absent time entries, please ensure you've reviewed Mosaic's fetch range and linking requirements for Projects, Phases, Members, and Work Categories.

If your time entries continue to be absent, even when they fall within Mosaic's 120-day fetch range, and your Projects, Phases, Members, and Work Categories are appropriately linked, we recommend reaching out to your Customer Success Manager. Please provide your Customer Success Manager with a detailed labor report for each individual time entry under an example project.