Integration Data Transfers

Integration Data Tranfers

When an integration runs, it executes the Transfer of new data from the integrated system to Mosaic. Data Transfers are the core metrics used when determining the cost of the integration. A Transfer does not correspond directly to the number of API calls to a service that are made. The integration may make several calls to an API when it executes but only counts as one data transfer. Data transfers drive the cost through the consumption of processing power and memory allocation on our servers.

For example, if you transfer an employee name, each employee name (first & last) that is created will count as one transfer. See below for the full list of data transfers.

Data Transfers (Each Count as 1 Transfer)

  • Employee first and last name
  • Employee Email
  • Project
  • Project Phase
  • Project Work Category
  • Project Reference Number
  • Time Entry/Time Entered
  • Billable/Not Billable


Please Note:

If a Time Entry is sent and none of the data is currently on Mosaic, it will consist of up to 8 Transfers list above.