Deltek Vantagepoint On-Premise Integration

DirectionEst. Data Transfer TimeVendorVendor Docs
1-way from Deltek Vantagepoint to Mosaic.Up to 24 hours.Deltek Vantagepoint Product WebsiteDeltek Vantagepoint Product Videos

Deltek Support Center Login

SQL Server Replication

To begin Vantagepoint On-Premise Integration, please follow this guide for SQL Server Replication: SQL Server Integration Requirements

Integration Call (Optional)

Once the requirements are fulfilled, you have the option to schedule a brief call with an integration specialist from Mosaic to share the login information that was created for your Mosaic Integration, or be present for the initial remote connection.

These calls typically only require your IT provider to be present to share log on information. The integration set up is not completed during this call.