Integration Terms & Conditions

The Integration between Mosaic and Your 3rd party Service is governed on the following terms

3rd Party Service: the software system(s) being integrated with Mosaic in accordance with Your Mosaic Subscription Services.
Other 3rd Party Services: any 3rd Party Service not currently listed at

Data Transfers

When an integration runs, it executes the transfer of data from the integrated system to Mosaic. Mosaic pulls in Data from tables in integrated software systems, which are structured like cells in a spreadsheet. ‘Data Transfers’ are the core metrics used when determining the cost of the integration.

A Data Transfer does not correspond directly to the number of API calls to a service that are made. The integration may make several calls to an API when it executes but the Data Transfer only counts as a single Data Transfer.

Data Transfers are counted as they drive the cost through the consumption of processing power and memory allocation on our servers.

Example 1:
If you transfer an employee name, with first & last name, it counts as two (2) transfers.

Example 2:
If you transfer phase name, phase start date, phase end date, and phase fee it counts as four (4) transfers.

Example 3:
If you transfer a Time Entry, it will consist of up to 8 Transfers - Date, Project, Phase, Work Category, and Number of hours.

  1. The integration from the 3rd Party Service to Mosaic is set up following the free 30 Day Trial, and after You have paid for the Mosaic Subscription. Without exception, no work can begin until full subscription payment has been received.
  2. Access to the 3rd Party Service for the integration must be provided to Mosaic within 30 days of converting to a paid subscription, otherwise the Integration Fee may revert to the pre-discount amount, and the integration work by Mosaic may be rescheduled.
  3. The integration is a one-way sync of data from the 3rd Party Service to Mosaic, unless expressly stated on that integration's documentation, found at
  4. The Integration Fee includes up to 100,000 Data Transfers per month unless otherwise specified in the signed Proposal.
  5. The Integration Fee includes one integration set up with the 3rd Party Service. Additional Integrations will incur additional Integration Fees.
  6. Mosaic will only sync Data Fields from Target Fields. Any information stored outside a Target Field will not sync to Mosaic. Information stored in a location unique to You can potentially be integrated at an additional cost.
  7. Any data points You want integrated from the 3rd Party Service to Mosaic, in addition to the Data Fields listed above, will be charged at an additional cost. This is on the basis that the data points can be sent out of the 3rd Party Service and picked up by Mosaic, and the data points have a matching Data Field in Mosaic.
  8. It is Your responsibility to ensure data is accurately entered in the 3rd Party Service.
  9. If You restore from a backup of the 3rd Party Service, any duplicate entries created in Mosaic are Your responsibility to remove.
  10. Mosaic does not provide training for the 3rd Party Service
  11. If You import data in error, it is Your responsibility to delete the data in Mosaic.
  12. Mosaic Data Fields cannot be renamed to match terminology/naming conventions in the 3rd Party Service.
  13. Mosaic’s integration is subject to change based on the data made available through the 3rd party systems API. Mosaic makes no promises or guarantees on continuing to offer an integration as part of the Subscription Service.
  14. It is Your responsibility to develop integrations between Other 3rd Party Services and Mosaic’s open API’s. Mosaic does not develop or provide dedicated support for integrations You develop.
  15. Nonstandard implementations or customizations of 3rd Party Services may limit integration capabilities and/or result in additional fees to accommodate data transfer with Mosaic.

3rd Party Service Maintenance

For integrations that require any of the following, you are responsible for the sourcing and upkeep of:

  • API Keys
  • Service Accounts and/or Roles and their credentials
  • Callback URLs
  • API URLs

Mosaic is not responsible for providing support, maintenance or upgrades to the 3rd Party Service, including but not limited:

  • Performing upgrades or updates to the 3rd Party Service
  • Performing or assisting with data backups or restorations
  • Recovering corrupted or lost data due to causes deemed to be unrelated to the integration with Mosaic
  • Migrating data between the 3rd Party Services other than through an integration with Mosaic
  • Changing data in the 3rd Party Service to work with a Mosaic integration
  • Performing configurations within the 3rd Party Service that are required for integrating with Mosaic
  • Hardware upgrade, maintenance or support