Jira Best Practices

Recommended Mappings

On Mosaic, the Data Type hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Project (requires a Portfolio)
  3. Phase (requires a Project)
  4. Scope (requires a Phase)
  5. Task (can be associated with a Phase)

On Jira, the typical Jira Issue hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Project
  2. Epic (requires a Project)
  3. Story, Task, Bug (requires a Project; can be associated with an Epic)
  4. Sub-Task (requires a Story)

Please refer to the typical Jira Issue Hierarchy for more information.

Due to the differences in hierarchy and requirements between Jira and Mosaic data types, there are some configurations and mappings that may not be supported by the Integration.

Mosaic recommends the following mappings to minimize the potential for data discrepancies and unsupported scenarios: