Integrations Setup

Mosaic seamlessly integrates with a wide array of applications, enhancing your workflow and data management capabilities. Here's a list of our current integrations:

For integrations not mentioned above, please refer to our 2-way Open API integration.

Integration Process Overview

Step 1: Integration Setup

  • Follow the setup instructions specific to your chosen integration.

Step 2: First Data Review

  • Occurs within the first two weeks post-integration. A Customer Success Manager will confirm the integration data is accurate and properly formatted. We recommend having management team members knowledgeable about the integrated data present.

Step 3: Final Data Review

  • Conducted as needed, typically 1-2 weeks after the first review, to resolve any issues identified initially.

Getting Started with Integrations

Our Customer Success and Solutions Engineering teams are ready to assist with connecting your integrations and ensuring smooth data flow. This may include:

  • Screen sharing sessions with our Solutions Engineering team.
  • Temporary access to a server machine for setup.
  • Additional details about your software usage.

Integration Timeline

The completion time for integrations can vary, often taking several days, depending on the specific applications involved.

General Integration Terms

Please review our General Integration Terms for comprehensive guidelines applicable to all integrations.