Mosaic AI API

Request an API Key from your Mosaic Customer Success Manager.
When you make your request, please provide the domain that your server makes API calls from, as well as the Webhook URL that you expect to receive callbacks through.

By default, Mosaic initiates callbacks using https requests. However, if the receiving service does not accept https, you should qualify the URL with http

Every REST API endpoint that you access requires that you supply an API Key in the header of your requests to verify that you are an authorized user.

Note: If you lose your API Key you may request a new one from your Customer Success Manager. Generating a new API key will not deactivate the old key. If you would like to deactivate your API keys, please let us know.
Api Keys do not have an expiration date.

Using the API Key

To make a request to Mosaic's APIs, you must have your team id, as well as an API Key. Your team id is used in the header of any API request

Example: /api/{team_id}/{data_type}

Include your API Key, and Origin (provided along with the API Key) as a header in your request.

Authorization = {api_key}
Origin = {domain}

Note: your webhook_url should be the same as the domain you provided when requesting your API Key, or your Webhook URL without the final /webhook. So if your Webhook URL is, your origin will be