Terms & Conditions

Integration Terms & Conditions

The terms outlined on this page are specific to the Vantagepoint On-Premise integration, please also review the page linked below for additional Integration Terms which apply to all integrations

Data Included in the Integration

Mosaic Data Types and Data Fields populated from Vantagepoint On-Premise:

Data TypeFields
Employees- Name
- Email
Project, Phases, TasksTitle
- Fee
- Client (Projects only)
- Schedules (Tasks only)
Time Entries- Date
- Hours
- Account
- Project
- Phase
- Work Category
- Description
- Billable
- Rate
Labor Codes- Title
Work Plans- Start and End Dates
- Scheduled Labor
- Labor Codes
- Title

For a list of supported Target Fields in Vantagepoint On-Premise please refer to this page

Integration Requirements

  • Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition SQL Server 2012 or later
  • Express edition is not supported
  • If using SQL Server 2012: must have the latest Service Pack installed
  • If using SQL Server 2014: must have Service Pack 3 and Cumulative Update 4 or later installed
  • Replication components for SQL Server must be enabled
  • Remote access to the server hosting Vantagepoint SQL Server (Vantagepoint Server SQL) database
  • Windows admin user that doesn't expire
  • SysAdmin access to the Vantagepoint SQL Server (Vantagepoint Server SQL) database

Important Information

  • The integration is a one-way sync of data from Vantagepoint On-Premise to Mosaic
  • Data will update in Mosaic up to 24 hours after it is entered/updated in Vantagepoint On-Premise
  • WBS Fee information is not support from any location other than:
    • Projects Info Center
    • Billing Terms Section (users are required to maintain this data so that it can be integrated reliably)