QuickBooks Online Integration

DirectionEst. Data Transfer TimeVendorVendor Docs
Time Entries: 2-way between QuickBooks and Mosaic.

Other Data Types: 1-way from QuickBooks to Mosaic.
Up to 4 hours.QuickBooks Online Product WebsiteQuickBooks Online Support

Integration Setup

  1. Login to projects.mosaicapp.com and navigate to the company settings from the Home screen

  2. Select Integrations from the Settings menu

  3. Select QuickBooks Online from the financial software options and input your Admin login to connect your QuickBooks to Mosaic

  4. That’s it! Once connected Mosaic’s team will confirm your data is populating correctly, and schedule a call to review

Two way sync

Mosaic currently supports two-way syncing for QuickBooks Online time entries. This setting is enabled by default, please let your Customer Success Manager know if you would like to disable it at any time.


By default, Mosaic does not sync Vendors from QuickBooks Online. If you wish to enable this feature to sync Vendor time entries between QuickBooks and Mosaic, please inform your Customer Success Manager.