Uploading Work Plans with Subphases (Coming Soon)

While Mosaic can be used to create Work Plans, Work Plans can also be uploaded from tools to Mosaic for complete overviews on your team's current, past, or upcoming work

To upload Work Plans via spreadsheets:

  1. Confirm either Mosaic Support or your Customer Success Manager have enabled the Work Plan upload tool on your account. To request this tool be added to your account, reach out to our team via [email protected]

  2. Next, download the Work Plan template here and fill out all the fields. You can find details regarding the fields and requirements below.


It is recommended to use pre-existing projects and phases in Mosaic

It is possible to create and import new projects for your imported Work Plans during the import process. However, to help prevent any mistakes when importing, it is recommended to import/update Work Plan details into a project that already exists on Mosaic.

If importing into a pre-existing project then the names and numbers must match exactly as is on Mosaic. If they do not match exactly you may get error fields during the import process, indicating where the names do not match, or unintentionally create new projects.

Here is an overview of the details needed for each column:

Employee NameFull Employee Name.

Notes: Only required if the Member does not exist in Mosaic.

If there are no matches, Mosaic will create a new Employee.
Bob SmithNo
Employee EmailEmail of employee.

Notes: This must match the existing employee email in Mosaic.

If there are no matches, Mosaic will create a new employee with the First Name, Last Name and Email.
[email protected]No
Unassigned Role NameRole of the employee.

Notes: Only required if Employee Email is not provided.

Entering only an Employee Role and no Employee Email will create an Unassigned work plan.

Enter an Unassigned Role only when assigning a work plan to an unassigned role.
PortfolioName of portfolio containing the project.

Note: This must match an existing portfolio in Mosaic.
Sample PortfolioYes
ProjectTitle of Project.

Note: This should match the name as is in Mosaic. This must match an existing Project Name + project number in Mosaic.
Central ParkYes
Project Ref#Project Reference Number.

Note This should match the number as is in Mosaic. This must match an existing Project Name + project number in Mosaic.
PhaseTitle of Phase.

Note: Phase Name is not required if the project does not have a phase yet.
Phase Ref#Phase Reference Number.

Note: Phase Ref. Num. is not required if the project does not have a phase yet.

If provided, the Phase Name + Phase Ref. Num. combination must match an existing phase on Mosaic.
Subphase 1Title of 1st Subphase Level.Concept DevelopmentNo
Subphase Ref# 1Reference Number of 1st Subphase Level.120No
Subphase 2Title of 2nd Subphase Level.Construction DocumentsNo
Subphase Ref# 2Reference Number of 2nd Subphase Level.300No
Subphase 9Title of 9th Subphase Level.Blueprint DraftingNo
Subphase Ref# 9Reference Number of 9th Subphase Level.14No
Work CategoryTitle of Work Category. Type of work being performed.

Note: If the phase has work category restrictions then this name must match one of the categories.
Work Category Ref#Work Category Reference Number.B50No
Start DateDate the work will start/started.

Note: All dates must be in YYYY-MM-DD format.
End DateDate the work will end/ended.

Notes: All dates must be in YYYY-MM-DD format. End Date cannot be before the Start Date.
Total HoursTotal hours given to complete the project. Cannot be used together with "Hours Per Day".

Note: Only required if “Hours Per Day” is not provided.
Hours Per DayHours per day allotted between the given start/end dates.

Note: Only required if “Total Hours” is not provided.

Cannot be used together with "Total Hours".
DescriptionDescription of the work plan.Fall 2024 Work PlanNo
Include Days Off (Working Weekends)Whether or not the Work Plan should add work on days off for the given task.

Notes: Accepted values = "true" and "false"

Default value = "false"
Is TentativeWhether the work plan is tentative or not.

Notes: Accepted values = "true" and "false".

Default is false.
Hours Lock

(Coming Soon)
If the Work Plan should have a lock on the daily percentage, daily hours, or total hours.

Notes: Accepted values = “daily percent“, “daily hours“, “total hours“.

The default value for Hours Lock is “daily hours”.
daily percentNo
Workdays Lock

(Coming Soon)
Whether or not the Work plan should have a lock on the number of work days.

Notes: Accepted values = “true”, “false”.

The default value for Workdays Lock is “false”.
Daily Percentage

(Coming Soon)
The daily percentage of the work plan out of the employee’s daily capacity hours.

Note: Only required if “Total Hours” or “Hours Per Day” is not provided.
Start Time

(Coming Soon)
Time the work will start/started.

Note: Accepted format = 24-hour HH:MM.
End Time

(Coming Soon)
Time the work will end/ended.

Notes: Accepted format = 24-hour HH:MM.

Cannot be before the start date.


Every Line Denotes a New Entry

For each individual in the Work Plan, create a separate line. If a person is assigned to multiple phases or work categories, each assignment should also have its own line. For example, if you're adding two people to a project with two phases, but only one person is working on both phases, the spreadsheet should display three data lines.

  1. Navigate to the Planner page from the sidebar menu on the left, and select the 3 dot menu beside the "sort" button under Work Plans, as shown below:

  1. Make sure the Data to Import field is Work Plans. Click on the Upload button once it finishes loading.

  1. Select the file you would like to import using the file selector or drag and drop the file here. After filling in the first row, the other rows should auto-populate.
  1. For each of the columns, the software will try to auto-map the information that we need. You can also change the mapped columns by clicking the dropdown from your columns. It may take some time for the information to auto-populate in our field columns.


Please Note:

If there are any issues with the data, it will show number of errors for each column, and the rows that have issues. You can use the QuickFixes options.

  1. After you've confirmed the sheet is filled in correctly, click Continue. You may see a message like this:

From here press Submit Data

  1. When the data is successfully uploaded, you will see see a message like this:
  2. Click done to close the modal. Under the Draft Import section, click on the Import button for the file that was just uploaded to review the import.
  3. Within the first review modal, Employees can either be linked with existing or imported as new. Once you are finished reviewing your Employees, click Continue.
  4. In the next page, Projects and Phases can either be linked with existing or imported as new. Once you finish reviewing the Projects and Phases, click Confirm Import. Please allow up to 24 hours for all imports to finish populating on Mosaic.

PTO Work Plans

The process is the same as normal work plans, but since PTO project is a default project that is created by Mosaic, so you won't be able to find it in your projects or portfolios.

Here is the information you need:

  • Portfolio Name: default name is your company name
  • Project Name: default name is PTO
  • Project ID: no project ID on PTO project by default, but you can manually set an ID for it
  • Project Phase: PTO project has one default phase, but if your PTO project have multiple phases, make sure to specify which phase the work plan should be in.

Where to find this information?

  1. Go to Home > timesheet
  1. Click "Add Time Entry"

  1. Search for Time Off project in the menu.
  • Project Name: Time Off
  • Portfolio Name: The folder on top of the project name, should be your organization name.
  • Project ID: The number on top of the project (if any)
  • Phase Name: Under the project you can see 4 phases, these will be the phase names to put on the work plans.

"Vacation/Sick" is the default description of the project, this is not necessary when importing work plans.

What if I didn't see a project ID or I want to change the project name?

If you didn't see a project ID on top of your PTO project, this means it doesn't have one yet. But you can add a project ID to this project.

  1. Click on the project and select a phase (if any). This will create a time entry like below.
  1. Click the three dot and select view project info.
  1. You will see a modal like below. From here, you can add an ID to your project or change the project name if needed and just simply press save when you are done.

  1. You should see your project ID (and new name) appear on the top of the project now.


Creating duplicates

If the email, project name/number, phase name/number, work category, start/end dates, and description match a previously existing Work Plan, then the existing Work Plan will be updated with the new Work Plans hours.

If the optional fields (eg. description, phase number) are omitted in both the original and new, this will count as matching.