QuickBooks Desktop Integration

To Do Before Integration Kick-off

Please make sure that you have completed the following before your call to set up an integration with Mosaic.

  • Ensure you have credentials to log into your primary QuickBooks Desktop Admin user.
  • Set up a QuickBooks admin user for Mosaic with full access to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Have QuickBooks Desktop installed on your always on computer/VM.
  • Install the Mosaic Sync Manager on your always on computer/VM (Version 23.0.0802)
  • Enter your Agent Token in Mosaic Sync Manager.


  • We support QuickBooks Desktop editions:
    • Pro and Premier: 2014 and later
    • Enterprise: 14.0 and later
  • A Mosaic user with admin rights/full access to your instance of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Access to the primary Admin user for the duration of the integration set up
  • Mosaic Sync Manager must be installed on your always on computer/VM with QBD application
  • The agentToken you have received from your Mosaic contact is entered in Mosaic Sync Manager


Please Note:

Autofy API (Mosaic Sync Manager) supports US versions of the above listed editions. While some international versions may be supported, no testing is performed on international versions.

Integration Call

Once the above requirements are fulfilled, we will need to schedule a brief call with an integration specialist from Mosaic. Please ensure that:

  • QuickBooks is open on the always on computer in the desired Company file
  • QuickBooks is in single user mode and is logged in as the QuickBooks Mosaic Admin, not the Mosaic user that you have created
  • You have only the Company File open that you would like to integrate with Mosaic

Before the call you should have entered your agent token into the Mosaic Sync manager, we will confirm that your agent is active, then make a call to create a connection between Mosaic and QuickBooks Desktop.

As part of establishing a connection to your QuickBooks, you will see a dialog box asking to authorize Autofy.
Select Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.

Two way sync

Mosaic currently supports two-way syncing for QuickBooks Desktop time entries. This setting is enabled by default, please let your Customer Success Manager know if you would like to disable it at any time.