Integrated Data

Integrated Data Types

By integrating your Vision Cloud data with Mosaic, you will be able to import the following:

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Projects, Phases (Vision Tasks)
    • Vision Profit Centers **
  • Time Entries **
  • Vision Labor Codes
  • Bill Rates
  • Roles


Please Note:

** These data types are available through stored procedures. Please see Adding Stored Procedures to Vision for more details.

Mosaic is constantly working on adding more features to our integrations; you can expect additional data points to be added to your integration in the near future!

If new features require additional permissions, your Customer Success Manager will reach out to request that they be added to the role you have assigned to the Mosaic user.

Integrated Data Fields

Data Sources

Vision Data TypesMosaic Data Types
Info Center β†’ Employees

- Name β†’ First + Middle + Last
- Email
- Billing Category
- Job Cost Rate (Optional)

- Name
- Email
- Default Role
- Default Cost Rate (Optional)
Info Center β†’ Clients β†’ General

- Name

- Title
Info Center β†’ Projects

- Budget & Revenue β†’ Compensation β†’ Direct Labor
- Budget & Revenue β†’ Compensation β†’ Direct Expense
- Budget & Revenue β†’ Compensation β†’ Direct Consultant
- General β†’ Short Name
- General β†’ Client Address
- General β†’ Primary Client
- General β†’ Project
- General β†’ Status
- Dates & Cost β†’ Initial Dates β†’ Start
- Dates & Cost β†’ Initial Dates β†’ ActCompletionDate
- General β†’ Phase (only visible on 2nd project level)
- General β†’ Task (only visible on 3rd project level)
Project, Phase, Work Category

- Fee
- Title
- Client (Projects only)
- Schedules (Work Category only)
Time & Expense β†’ Timesheet β†’ Timesheet Detail Grid

- Project
- Phase
- Task
- Period Ending (in header record)
- Employee reference (in header record)
- Comment
- Reg (In Detail Block below grid)
- Ovt (in Detail Block below grid)
- Labor Code
Time Entry

- Date
- Hours
- Account
- Project
- Phase
- Work Category
- Description
- Billable
- Rate
Configuration β†’ Planning β†’ Generic Resources β†’ Labor Codes (Only visible if Planning module installed)

- Code
- Name
Work Category

- Number
- Title
Configuration β†’ Codes β†’ Organization

- Code
- Label

- Organization


Time Entries Synchronization in Mosaic:

To synchronize Time Entries from Vision Cloud to Mosaic, a Stored Procedure is necessary. For a step-by-step guide on how to implement this, refer to the Adding Stored Procedures to Vision documentation.

By default, time entries synchronized to Mosaic include both unposted and posted time entries.

Should you prefer to synchronize only the posted time entries from Vision, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Unsupported Data Sources

  • Changing field names in Mosaic to match custom labelling in Vision
  • Integrating Data Types that are not explicitly listed in the Vision Integration Documentation
  • WBS Fee information from any location other than:
    • Projects Info Center
    • Billing Terms Section (users are required to maintain this data so that it can be integrated reliably)


Please Note:

If there is a data endpoint not listed in this documentation and it is required for your integration, it will be a customization, charged at an hourly rate. For more information, please see Integration Requests.