Mosaic Integration Security Overview

Mosaic Integration Security Overview

Secure Data Management

Encryption: Data is protected using TLS 1.2+ for transit and AES-256 for storage, aligning with top industry standards.

Access Control: We implement strict access controls, ensuring only authorized personnel can access your data, based on necessity.

Monitoring: Continuous monitoring and logging safeguard against unauthorized access, ensuring integrity and security.

Credential Management

Mosaic securely stores provided credentials, including API keys and passwords, for integration configuration within its application database. Ensuring secure management routes is essential. For enhanced security during credential sharing with your Mosaic Customer Success Manager, the use of services like 1Password is recommended.

Physical Infrastructure

Mosaic is hosted on secure cloud platforms with servers in secure data centers, using isolated environments to keep your data private and separate. Access to our infrastructure for maintenance and troubleshooting is restricted to authorized personnel only, ensuring data security.

Network Security

Mosaic enforces strong network security measures, including encryption and firewalls. For access to Mosaic services, certain IP addresses may need to be allowlisted, depending on data residency requirements. Our continuous monitoring and advanced protections guard against unauthorized access, maintaining the integrity of data transmission.

FAQs on Data Security

Q: How secure is my data?
Your data's security is paramount. Mosaic adheres to SOC2 Type II compliance, ensuring rigorous data protection measures are in place.

Q: What encryption methods are used?
We utilize TLS 1.2+ and AES-256 encryption for all data, ensuring secure data transit and storage.

Q: Who can access my data?
Strictly authorized Mosaic personnel, under rigorous access controls, can access data for their specific job functions.

Q: How do you protect data during integration?
Through secure API connections, enforced authentication, and data encryption, we ensure your data remains secure during integration.

Q: What if there's a security breach?
We follow a strict incident response protocol to promptly address and mitigate any breaches, maintaining transparency throughout the process.

On-Premise Integrations

For on-premise integrations, Mosaic leverages Azure to host the cloud replica database, incorporating Azure's robust security features:

Azure Security: Utilizes built-in Azure security controls and compliance certifications to protect your data and support compliance with a broad set of regulatory standards.

Data Isolation: Ensures data is securely isolated within the Azure environment, leveraging Azure's advanced encryption and network security protocols.

Backup and Recovery: Azure's comprehensive backup and recovery solutions ensure data resilience, with the ability to quickly restore data in case of loss or damage.

For more details, please see SQL Server Replication: Security Overview.

Have More Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding data security, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We are committed to ensuring the security of your data.

For more details on how we handle your information, please refer to Mosaic's Privacy Policy.

Visit Mosaic's Trust Center for an in-depth look at our compliance standards, security policies, and response strategies.