Unanet A/E Cloud FAQs

Q: How can I integrate Unanet A/E phases into Mosaic?

  • Unanet A/E supports up to 2 levels of phases for a project. By default, Mosaic supports this project structure:
    • Project (Unanet A/E Project)
      • Phase (Unanet A/E Phase)
        • Work Category (Unanet A/E Subphase)
  • If you use 2 levels of phases (Unanet A/E Subphases) for project planning, you should consider using subphases.

Subphases Support (Coming Soon)


Please Note:

Subphases are an optional feature.

  • If you are interested in turning on Subphases to integrate the lowest level of phases from Unanet A/E, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Q: What kind of Clients does Mosaic sync from Unanet A/E?

A: Unanet A/E includes a variety of firms such as clients, vendors, and prospective clients. Additionally, Unanet A/E can have two levels of firms - parent and child. However, Mosaic is designed to support only one level of clients. Consequently, the hierarchical structure of parent and child firms in Unanet A/E will not be maintained when imported as Clients to Mosaic.