Integrated Data

Integrated Data Types

By integrating your QuickBooks Desktop data with Mosaic, you will be able to import the following:

  • Employees
  • Projects
  • Phases
  • Work Categories
  • Time Entries
  • Clients

Integrated Data Fields

Data Sources

Mosaic Data Types

QuickBooks Desktop Data Types



  • Name
  • Email



  • Title <> QB Customer - Display Name
  • Client


Phases <> QB Sub-Jobs

  • Title <> QB Customer - Display Name

Work Categories

Work Categories <> QB Services

  • Title

Time Entries

Time Entries <> QB Timesheet

  • Date
  • Hours
  • Account
  • Project
  • Phase
  • Work Category
  • Description
  • Billable
  • Rate



  • Title <> QB Customer


Please Note:

If you are using Payroll for QuickBooks, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for guidance on syncing time from Mosaic into QuickBooks.

Unsupported Data Sources

  • Sending Time Entries to QuickBooks Desktop instances which regularly have backups restored over the Company File that the Mosaic Sync Manager is integrated with
  • Mosaic Sync Manager installation on personal machines (QuickBooks Desktop)
  • Mosaic Sync Manager installation on machine only accessible by IT provider (not recommended)
  • Mosaic Sync Manager installation on machine that is regularly powered off/logged out of Windows
  • Mosaic Sync Manager configured to use a QuickBooks account that is shared with another user
  • Moving the Company File to a new location after integrating with Mosaic