Terms & Conditions

Integration Terms & Conditions

The terms outlined on this page are specific to the Quickbooks Desktop integration, please also review the page linked below for additional Integration Terms which apply to all integrations

Data Included in the Integration

For a list of supported Integrated Data Types, including Quickbooks and Mosaic Data Fields, please refer to this page.

Integration Requirements

  • The following QuickBooks Desktop editions are supported:
    • Pro and Premier: 2014 and later
    • Enterprise: 14.0 and later
  • A dedicated Mosaic user with admin rights/full access to Your instance of QuickBooks Desktop
  • Access to the primary Admin user and Single-User mode for the duration of the integration set up
  • The provided MosaicSyncManager.msi must be installed on Your always on computer/VM alongside the Quickbooks Desktop application
  • The agentToken You have received from Your Mosaic contact is entered in Mosaic Sync Manager
  • Adherence to the Quickbooks Desktop password strength requirements
  • Uninterrupted internet access on the machine where the Mosaic Sync Manager is installed
  • The Mosaic Sync Manager requires an active Windows session to operate- You must always have a Windows user logged into the machine where the Mosaic Sync Manager is installed

Important Information

  • Data will update in Mosaic up to 24 hours after it is entered/updated in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Mosaic Sync Manager installation on personal machines running QuickBooks Desktop is not recommended
  • Mosaic Sync Manager installation on machine only accessible by IT provider is not recommended
  • Mosaic Sync Manager installation on a machine that is regularly powered off/logged out of Windows is not recommended
  • Mosaic Sync Manager is configured to use a QuickBooks account that is shared with another user is not supported
  • Moving the Company File to a new location after integrating with Mosaic is not supported and may require a new integration
  • Re-sending Time Entries to Quickbooks Desktop instances which regularly have backups restored over the Company File is not supported