Terms & Conditions

Integration Terms & Conditions

The terms outlined on this page are specific to the Vision On-Premise integration, please also review the page linked below for additional Integration Terms which apply to all integrations

Data Included in the Integration

For a list of supported Integrated Data Types, including Vision and Mosaic Data Fields, please refer to this page.

Integration Requirements

  • Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition SQL Server 2012 or later
  • Express edition is not supported
  • If using SQL Server 2012: must have the latest Service Pack installed
  • If using SQL Server 2014: must have Service Pack 3 and Cumulative Update 4 or later installed
  • Replication components for SQL Server must be enabled
  • Remote access to the server hosting Vision SQL Server (Vision Server SQL) database
  • Windows admin user that doesn't expire
  • SysAdmin access to the Vision SQL Server (Vision Server SQL) database

Important Information

  • The integration is a one-way sync of data from Vision On-Premise to Mosaic
  • Data will update in Mosaic up to 24 hours after it is entered/updated in Vision On-Premise
  • WBS Fee information is not support from any location other than:
    • Projects Info Center
    • Billing Terms Section (users are required to maintain this data so that it can be integrated reliably)