Deltek Ajera Cloud Integration

Integration Setup

Part 1: Create an API User for the Integration on Ajera

  1. In Ajera, navigate to Utility > Setup Integrations

  1. Under the API User tab, click on New to create a new API User

  1. Enter a Username (e.g., mosaic) and Password for the API User


Please Note:

  • An API user is a separate entity from an Employee user. You cannot use a regular Employee user for integrating with Mosaic.
  • The password must meet Ajera's password requirements.
  1. Select an Authorizing Employee

  1. Add the following Can Read permissions to the API User:
    1. List Chargeable Phases
    2. Get Clients
    3. List Clients
    4. Get Employees
    5. List Employees
    6. Get Projects
    7. List Projects
    8. Get Projects with Resources
    9. Get Project Totals
    10. List Project Types
    11. List Rate Tables

Make sure you have the following information from Ajera to connect with Mosaic:

  1. The Username and Password of the Ajera API User (created in Step #3 above). These are the credentials that are in the Username/Password fields, not the credentials of the Ajera User that is listed as the “Authorizing Employee”.

  1. The API URL that is visible in the API Settings tab.
    This usually looks like: “…”

Part 2: Integrate with Mosaic

  1. Login to and navigate to the company settings from the Home screen
  1. Select Integrations from the Settings menu
  1. Select Ajera Cloud from the Financial options
  1. Enter the Server URL (API URL in Step #7) and Username and Password of the Ajera API User (in Step #3) to connect your Ajera instance to Mosaic.
  • Select Include consultant fee if you would like to bring consultant fees for past and future projects (you can also turn this off in the Integration Settings after you connect)

Ajera Cloud with Timesheet Connection

  • If you are connecting to Ajera Cloud with Timesheet, please also fill out the following ODBC fields in the Connect to Deltek Ajera modal:
    • ODBC Username
    • ODBC Password
    • ODBC Hybrid Data Pipeline Source
    • ODBC Service URL (do not include https:// at the beginning or the / at the end)

Integration Settings


Fees are brought into Mosaic from your Contract amounts. In Ajera these amounts are located within the Project Control Center -> Manage tab


Set your Project and Phase fees by entering an amount in the Contract column