Deltek Vantagepoint FAQs

Q: How can I integrate Deltek Vantagepoint phases into Mosaic?

  • Deltek Vantagepoint supports up to 2 levels of phases for a project. By default, Mosaic supports this project structure:
    • Project (Deltek Vantagepoint Project)
      • Phase (Deltek Vantagepoint Phase)
        • Work Category (Deltek Vantagepoint Task)
  • If you use 2 levels of phases (Deltek Vantagepoint Phases and Tasks) for project planning, you should consider using subphases.

Subphases Support (Coming Soon)


Please Note:

Subphases are an optional feature.

  • If you are interested in turning on Subphases to integrate the lowest level of phases (Deltek Vantagepoint Task) from Deltek Vantagepoint, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Q: How does Mosaic determine if a project or time entry is billable or non-billable?

Mosaic fetches projects and time entries data from Vantagepoint.

In Vantagepoint, Charge Type values are defined at the project level and inherited by all time entries associated with it. Mosaic maps Vantagepoint Charge Type values to its own Billable field as follows:

  • Regular -> Billable
  • Overhead -> Non-Billable
  • Promotional -> Non-Billable

To mark a project and its time entries as Billable, change the Project Charge Type to Regular. To mark them as non-billable, change the Project Charge Type to either Overhead or Promotional.

Please note that only Posted time entries have a Billable status, while all Unposted time entries are considered Non-Billable.


For Vantagepoint Cloud:

If you are using Vantagepoint Cloud, you need to upload the latest version of the Stored Procedure for Timesheets to enable access to the Billable status field. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for the Stored Procedure and more information.