Deltek Ajera Cloud Time Entry Export

If you are using Deltek Ajera Cloud you can set up a custom report to export time for importing into Mosaic.

Create a Table Widget

  1. Navigate to the Widget Designer by selecting the Ajera logo > Hammer & Wrench icon
  1. In the Design Mode, you will see all the tabs available to your users + a new modal called Tab Properties
  1. Select Add Tab to create a new tab
  1. You can either copy an existing widget (by selecting the ^ icon and Copy) or create a new widget (by clicking on + Add Widget under the Tab Properties)
  1. Select a Widget Base
  • Example Widget Base: Transaction Base
  1. Add in the following Columns and Formulas to your Widget:

Add the Standard Columns:

  • Employee
  • Date
  • Project ID
  • Project Description
  • Regular Hours
  • Billed Rate
  • Activity
  • Activity Type

Add the following two Formulas for the Email and Phase custom columns:

  • Email: select vecemail from AXVEC where VECKEY = [employee key]
  • Phase: select prjDescription from axProject where prjKey = [Phase Key] and prjIsDetailPhase = 1
  1. Click OK and select Exit Design Mode on the Tab Properties

Exporting a table widget to Excel

  1. Click on the ^ icon on the top right of your Table Widget and select Export Excel (.xlsx format)

  2. Open the .xlsx file in Excel and click "Save as" and select CSV UTF-8 (.csv) to save your file in .csv format

Please note:

  • Only include data that has already been imported into Mosaic in the report for:

    • Employees
    • Projects
    • Phases
  • Ensure your data is accurate and all Employees, Projects and Phases are spelled correctly and match what's in Mosaic.

  • Export should be in a .csv format, or be converted to a .csv format before trying to import it into Mosaic

For more information, please refer to the Ajera Learning Center for:

Timesheet Import Guide





Name of the staff member

Robert Smith


Date of the time entry


Project ID

Project Number/Identifier



Name of of Project. This must
match the Project Name as in
Mosaic exactly.

125 Bluestone Way

Regular Hours

Total hours of work associated
with time entry


Billed Rate

Billable rate for the time entry



Also known as Labor codes,
Activities or Service Items.

  • If your Mosaic budgets
    have existing Work
    - Ensure each
    time entry includes the
    Work Category the time is
    associated with. New Work
    Categories will be created
    from the import template if
    a match isn’t identified on
    the project
  • If your Mosaic budgets
    don’t have Work Categories
  • time entries will be
    imported, no Work
    Categories will be created
    on your budget

201 Meeting With Client

Activity Type

Whether time entry is Billable or

True/False (True/False
Format is required)


Email address for the employee

[email protected]


Project Phase to which time is
being entered

Schematic Design

Step 4

Schedule a call with your Customer Success Manager to review your Timesheet Import

With your CSV exported, you are now prepared to upload your timesheet time.
Simply schedule a call with your Customer Success Manager via the “Book A Meeting” link included in their
email signature to review!