Government Cloud

What is Government Cloud?

Government Cloud refers to a cloud computing environment specifically designed to meet the needs of government agencies and entities. This environment leverages AWS GovCloud, Azure Government, and a Google Cloud services in scope for FedRAMP to meet medium-trust compliance standards.

Government Cloud is most commonly chosen by businesses who must comply with stringent regulatory and compliance requirements, or businesses handling sensitive or classified information.

Mosaic's Government Cloud offering is compatible with any of:

Government Cloud Analogy: Fortified Castle

Think of Government Cloud like a fortified castle. Just like a castle is designed with high walls, moats, and controlled access points for protection and privacy, Government Cloud offers a secure and isolated environment. It is built to safeguard against external threats while providing a controlled, highly secure space for storing and processing sensitive data.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Government Cloud

  • Enhanced Security: Government Cloud environments are fortified with advanced security measures, ensuring data is protected to the highest standards.
  • Compliance Assurance: Secure cloud hosting and restricted access, ensures compliance with strict regulatory requirements necessary for government-related data.
  • Controlled Access: Access is restricted to U.S. employees, ensuring a higher level of control and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

How do I Know if Government Cloud is Right for Me?

Deciding on a Government Cloud solution often hinges on the following considerations:

  • Security: If you require compliance with FedRRAMP Low or FedRAMP Medium.
  • Sensitive Data: Is the data that your business generates related to the U.S. Government or public sector?
  • Controlled Access: Do you have an obligation to limit access to your data to people in the U.S.?