On Premise

What is On Premise?

On Premise refers to a deployment model where a cloud application is installed and managed in the customer's own data center, rather than being hosted on the service provider's cloud infrastructure. This model allows for the full utilization of the cloud application while giving the customer complete control over the hosting environment and data storage.

On Premise is most commonly chosen by businesses with strict compliance requirements, or those that require complete control over tools introduced into their eco system.

On Premise Analogy: Custom-Built Home

Consider an On Premise solution as similar to a custom-built home. Mosaic On-Premise allows organizations to tailor their IT environment to their exact requirements. It provides the freedom to choose every aspect of the infrastructure, from the foundation to the roof, ensuring that the final setup aligns perfectly with the organization's operational needs, security standards, and performance expectations.

What are the Benefits of Choosing On Premise

  • Complete Control: Full control over the deployment environment, including hardware, networking, and storage.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Ideal for organizations with stringent security policies or regulatory compliance requirements that mandate data residency within their own infrastructure.
  • Performance and Reliability: Potentially higher performance and reliability, as the infrastructure can be optimized specifically for the application's needs.
  • Data Sovereignty: Ensures that all data remains within the organization’s premises, offering greater control over data access and sovereignty.

How do I Know if On Premise is Right for Me?

Choosing an On-Premise solution often depends on the following considerations:

  • Regulatory and Compliance Needs: If your organization operates under strict data residency and compliance regulations that require data to be stored within your own infrastructure.
  • Security Requirements: For those who need enhanced control over their security environment and cannot risk hosting sensitive data off-site.
  • Resource Availability: The organization must have the necessary IT infrastructure and resources to host and manage the application in-house.