Deltek Ajera FAQs

Q: How can I integrate Deltek Ajera phases into Mosaic?

  • Deltek Ajera supports up to 5 levels of phases for a project. By default, Mosaic supports this project structure:
    • Project
      • Phase
        • Work Category
  • If you use more layers of subphases, you should import or link the two most detailed (lowest) phase levels from Deltek Ajera to Mosaic, or consider using subphases.

Subphases Support (Coming Soon)


Please Note:

Subphases are an optional feature.

  • If you are interested in turning on Subphases to integrate up to 5 levels of phases from Deltek Ajera, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to check if you are eligible.
  • Subphases are not supported for Deltek Ajera Cloud without Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) teams that are importing time manually.

Q: What types of transactions does Mosaic synchronize from Deltek Ajera?

  • Mosaic exclusively syncs Activities and Transactions that have the Activity Type set to Labor.
  • Activities and Transactions with Activity Types like Expense, Consultant, Finance Charge, or None are not synchronized by Mosaic.

Q: How does Mosaic determine the billable status for projects/phases based on Deltek Ajera data?

Mosaic identifies billable and non-billable project/phase statuses in Deltek Ajera as follows:


  • 0 = Time And Expense
  • 1 = Fixed Fee
  • 2 = Percent Complete
  • 3 = Unit Price
  • 4 = Percent of Construction Cost
  • 8 = Adjustment


  • 5 = Nonbillable
  • 6 = Marketing
  • 7 = Overhead

Q: Are dates included when importing phases?

  • Absolutely. Phases are imported with their respective dates, specifically pulling from the Estimated Start Date/Actual Start Date and Estimated Completion Date/Actual Completion Date fields within Deltek Ajera.

Q: Do Project and Phase statuses synchronize between Ajera and Mosaic?

  • Yes, when a Project or Phase Status in Ajera is marked as Closed, it will automatically update in Mosaic to show as Archived.