Isolated AI

What is Isolated AI?

Isolated AI refers to a scenario where multiple customers share certain elements of a software's infrastructure, but their data is completely isolated, extending this separation to the AI level. In Mosaic's Isolated AI offering, crucial components such as the AI models and data processing are kept separate and dedicated to each customer.

The Isolated AI model is most commonly chosen by businesses with stringent data privacy requirements. It aims to separate complete data without needing dedicated infrastructure.

Isolated AI Analogy: The Townhouse

You can think of Isolated AI as a townhouse. Here, residents share some common structures, like walls or driveways, but each townhouse is distinct, with separate entrances and private living spaces. Most importantly, each townhouse has its utilities and services. In the software world, this translates to sharing certain infrastructure components but having your own dedicated AI processing and data handling – ensuring complete data isolation.

Benefits of an Isolated AI Architecture:

  • Dedicated AI Processing: Just like having separate utilities in a townhouse, dedicated AI processing ensures your data is handled separately, providing enhanced privacy and security.
  • Data Privacy: Having isolated AI processing means your data is never mixed with others, ensuring higher levels of data privacy and protection.
  • General AI Training: Your data will not be used in general AI training models, ensuring your data remains private and uncompromised.
  • Fine-Tuned AI: The AI will be fine-tuned specifically for you based on your data, providing customized and optimized AI performance tailored to your needs.
  • Cost Efficiency: Sharing some parts of the infrastructure, like servers, means cost savings compared to fully dedicated setups.
  • Customization: While you share the main infrastructure, having your own AI processing allows for customized AI models and processing tailored to your needs.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Isolated data handling aids in meeting stringent regional and industry-specific compliance requirements without the need for dedicated servers.

Is Isolated AI Right for You?

Choosing an Isolated AI solution might depend on the following:

  • Data Privacy Requirements: If your business requires strict data separation, extending to AI processing, Isolated AI ensures your data remains private and secure.
  • Cost Considerations: When you need enhanced privacy and customization without the costs of a Single-Tenant setup.
  • AI Customization: If you require customized AI models and processing that align closely with your business needs.
  • Compliance Needs: When you have stringent compliance requirements that necessitate isolated data handling.