Deltek Ajera Cloud Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

Ajera Cloud ODBC

Deltek Ajera Cloud Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is now available for the Mosaic and Ajera integration.

Ajera Cloud ODBC allows Mosaic to establish a secure, read-only connection to your Ajera Cloud database to fetch timesheet data directly from your Ajera Cloud database, which eliminates the need to export timesheet data from Ajera Cloud and importing them into Mosaic (using the Timesheets CSV Import tool).


  • Setting up ODBC (Read Only) access to your SaaS data.
    • Read only ODBC access to your Ajera Cloud database is provided by the Hybrid Data Pipeline ODBC client driver.
    • ODBC connectivity is only available for your production database. You cannot use ODBC to connect to any sandbox or non-production databases.

Submit the ODBC Service Request

To submit the ODBC Read Only Access service request:

  1. Your company’s SaaS Customer Administrator should log into the Deltek Support Center and navigate to the Deltek Cloud Solutions page.
  2. In the Service Request section, select the ODBC Read Only Access radio button.
  3. Click the link in the Service Request to download the spreadsheet that should be used to log all
    changes to ODBC access. The spreadsheet can also be downloaded from KB Article # 107175.
  4. Under User Access Form, select Choose File and upload the completed spreadsheet from step 3
  5. Click Submit.
    Upon submission, a dialog box displays containing the Case No. for the request and a link to Manage
    Cases, where the case can be viewed or updated.
  6. Upon the completion, Deltek will notify the new account holder via email with the credentials and
    configuration settings needed to connect to the ODBC service.
    Additionally, the SaaS Administrator will receive a confirmation email when the request is completed.


Please Note:

For detailed instructions, please download the Deltek Ajera ODBC and Hybrid Data Pipeline (HDP) Setup and Configuration Guide. and refer to Step One: Submit the ODBC Read Only Access Service Request.

ODBC Requirements

After completing the steps above, to connect to your ODBC connection we would need the following details which should have been provided to you as part of your service request to have Ajera ODBC enabled.

  • Hybrid Data Pipeline Source
  • Service (if provided)
  • Port Number (If provided)
  • The username and password for a user with permissions to access your ODBC connection

These details are normally either in the service request ticket, or would have been emailed to you as part of the ODBC set up. If the username and password provided were for a user that you do not wish to share with Mosaic, you may create a new user in Ajera and request that it be granted access to your ODBC connection.

Next Steps to Connect Ajera Cloud ODBC to Mosaic

Proceed to the Deltek Ajera Cloud Integration Setup instructions and enter the values above in the ODBC fields in Step #4.