Salesforce Integration

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1-way< 4 hoursSalesforce Product WebsiteSalesforce Trailhead

Integration Setup

  1. Open the Salesforce appexchange and download the Mosaic App application
  2. In Salesforce navigate to Apps → Connected Apps → Manage Connected Apps
  1. Click "Edit" to open the configuration page for the installed app
  2. Select OAuth Policies
  3. For the “Permitted Users” option, set to “Admin approved users are pre-authorized”
  1. Go to the Mosaic App's page by repeating step 2
  2. Scroll to the section "Profiles", and select "Manage Profiles"
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  1. Create a new Profile for the integration with Mosaic to use.
  2. Go to Setup -> Manage Users -> Users.
  3. Choose "New User" to create a new user.
  1. Choose appropriate name and email. Set "User License" to "Salesforce", and "Profile" to the profile you created in step 8. Make sure that your new Profile is a licensed Salesforce user, not a Salesforce Platform user.

**12. Navigate to Process Automation → Workflow Actions → Outbound Messages

  1. Find the 4 Outbound Messages that wee installed with the Managed Package
  2. Select edit on each of the Outbound Messages, and change the value of the User to "Send As Field" to the Mosaic Profile that you created in step 8

Integrate with Mosaic

Please provide the following details:

  1. The Username of the User that you created in step 11
  2. Your Salesforce instance URL