(Legacy) Uploading Timesheets (without Subphases)

While Mosaic can be used to input timesheet time, timesheet time can also be uploaded from other tools to Mosaic for complete budgets and details on the progress of your projects.

To upload timesheet time:

  1. Confirm either Mosaic Support or your Customer Success Manager has enabled the timesheet upload tool on your account. To request this tool be added to your account, reach out to our team via [email protected]

  2. Next, download the timesheet time import template here

Here is an overview of the details needed for each column:

PortfolioName of the Portfolio that the Project is in.2022 ProjectsNo
Project TitleName of the Project.Central ParkYes
Project NumberIdentifying Project #.1234.1Yes
Phase NamePhase Name within the project.

Note: Not required if there is no phase under the project.
Phase NumberThe Phase Number if the Project/ Phase is imported from an integration.

Note: Required if there is a phase number for that phase.
Work CategoryType of work being completed.

Note: Not required if there is no work category under the project + phase.
Employee NameThe Employee's Full Name.

Note: The employee must exist on Mosaic.
John SmithYes
Employee EmailThe Employee's Email Address.

Note: The employee must exist on Mosaic.
[email protected]Yes
DateDate of Time Entry.

Note: All dates must be in YYYY-MM-DD format.
HoursNumber of Hours.3Yes
Hourly RateBillable Rate.250No
DescriptionDetails on the work being completed for the time entry.Survey planning for south park entranceNo
BillableAre the hours billable/non-billable?

Notes: accepted values = "true", "false".

Not required if you would like the default value for that project, phase and work category to be applied to your time entry.

The default value will be "true" if the project, phase and work category are all billable. If either project, phase or work category are non-billable, the default value will be "false".

You can override the default value by providing a different value for this field.


Every Line Denotes a New Entry

For each individual in the Time Entry, create a separate line. If a person has time entries under multiple phases or work categories, each time entry should also have its own line. For example, if you're adding two time entries to a project with two phases, but only one person has time on both phases, the spreadsheet should display three data lines.

Please review this carefully before uploading a data file to get imported


Please Note:

Ensure your data is accurate and has unique values in the fields below as duplicate time entries in an import will be skipped.

The following fields are used to determine the uniqueness of a time entry for importing:

  • Project Title
  • Project Number
  • Date
  • Phase
  • Work Category
  • Employee Name
  • Employee Email
  • Hours
  • Description

Tip: Provide a unique description for your time entry if all the above fields are identical.

  1. Export your completed timesheet import file to the .csv format. Date fields work best in .csv formats.
  2. Navigate to Company Settings > Timesheet, and click the upload time entries button to upload your .csv file.

You can also import time entries from Company Settings > Import page, and click +import button.

Select time entries as the data to import.

  1. Select the file you would like to import using the file selector or drag and drop the file here.

  1. Once uploaded, the software will try to auto-map the information that we need. You can also change the mapped columns by clicking the dropdown from your columns. It may take some time for the information to auto-populate in our field columns.

Red Highlighted Entries

Any boxes that appear in red indicate there is no matching value on Mosaic or there is a typo for this cell. Please confirm if there is a typo, or if the value does not exist on Mosaic. If this is a typo, you can update the value in the uploader in the "Our Column" section. If this is not a typo, and you want to add the value to Mosaic, either skip the time entry via the checkbox to your left, or exit out of the timesheet import tool to add this value to Mosaic before trying to upload this file again.

Grayed Out Rows

For more information regarding grayed out rows, please refer to the Data Import FAQs.

  1. Once columns have been linked, and any red rows have been addressed, select "Continue" in the top right corner. Review your data once more, then click submit.

Note: You should see this message when it's successfully uploaded

  1. Navigate to Company Settings -> Import to find your uploaded import in the Draft Import section. Click Import button.
  1. New employees on the file will show on here. You can change their role by clicking on the dropdown.
  1. Change to All Members Imported View to see members linked with the existing members in Mosaic.

If you want to modify the member linked with existing, click on the member name and click select Alternate. Then select the member that you want to link or Import as New.

Once you are finished reviewing your Employees, click Continue.

  1. On this page, Projects, Phases, Subphases and Work Categories can either be linked with existing or imported as new.

To link this project with existing Mosaic project, click the New Project dropdown and select the project you want to link with.

  1. To link a project with existing, click the plus icon on the right side and select an existing project to link. Click Save.
  1. To link a phase with existing, click three dot on the mosaic phase, click link with existing phase.

Select the phase on the left side to link, click save.

  1. All linked projects will show in linked section. Once you finish reviewing, click Confirm Import on the top.
  1. The import will show in the Processing section. Wait for the import to complete.
  1. Thats it! Once the file processing is completed, it will show in the Completed section. Please allow up to 24 hours for all time entries to finish populating on Mosaic.



Ensure that Members are given at least Team Member Access Level to allow timesheet entries to be submitted by that member (Settings > Members > Access Level). Guests cannot have time entries.