Integrated Data

Integrated Data Types

By integrating your Salesforce data with Mosaic, you will be able to import the following:

  • Employees
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Clients

Mosaic is constantly working on adding more features to our integrations; you can expect additional data points to be added to your integration in the near future!

If new features require additional permissions, your Customer Success Manager will reach out to request that they be added to the profile you have assigned to the Mosaic user.

Integrated Data Fields

Data Sources

Salesforce Data TypesMosaic Data Types
- Name
- Description
- Title
- Name
- Account name
- Stage
- Close Date
- Description *
- Probability *
- Expected Revenue *
- Type *

* Customized append data coming soon
- Title
- Client
- Status
- End Date
- Name
- Username
- Email
- Name
- Email
- Subject
- Related To - Opportunity (if there is one)
- Assigned To
- Created By
- Status
- Due Date / Completion Date Time
- Description
- Project
- Assignee
- Status
- End Date

Unsupported Data Sources

  • Essentials and Professional editions of Salesforce (and any other) that do not include Workflows and Outbound Messages are not supported for integration
  • Integrating Data Types that are not explicitly listed in the Salesforce Integration Documentation


Please Note:

If there is a data endpoint not listed in this documentation and it is required for your integration, it will be a customization, charged at an hourly rate.