Upgrading your Mosaic Sync Manager

Upgrading Mosaic Sync Manager

Updating your Mosaic Sync Manager requires the following:

  1. Access to the Primary Admin user for QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Access to Single User mode
  3. Downloading and installing the new Mosaic Sync Manager onto your server
  4. A quick call with the Integrations team to re-establish permissions between QuickBooks Desktop, and Mosaic.

During this call, access to the Quickbooks Primary Admin user and Single User Mode on your server machine are required.

Before you begin


Mosaic will not be available while updating

Please note that your integration with Mosaic will not be active during the time between removing the Mosaic Sync Manager from your Integrated Applications, and re-establishing permissions on a call with the Mosaic Integrations team. We recommend completing the steps below within 1 hour before your call with the Mosaic Integrations Team.

How to Update your Mosaic Sync Manager

  1. Connect to your server, or machine that hosts your QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Download the latest Mosaic Sync Manager here
  3. Remove the Mosaic Sync Manager from your Integrated Applications
    a. Log into QB as your Admin user, in single-user mode
    b. Go to Edit then Preferences
    c. Go to Integrated Applications then Company Preferences
    d. Select the Mosaic Sync Manager connection and click the “Remove” button
    e. Close QuickBooks Desktop
  4. Uninstall the Mosaic Sync Manager from your computer
    a. Open start menu and type 'control panel' and select control panel
    b. Select Uninstall a program (under programs)
    c. Select Mosaic Sync Manager and uninstall
  5. Find the newly downloaded Mosaic Sync Manager and double click it to install it on your server machine
  6. In the Mosaic Sync Manager, click “Login” and look for the “Status: connected” in blue below the Agent Token
  7. Quick call with Mosaic Integrations team to allow access to QuickBooks Desktop

    A member of our Integrations team will guide you through allowing the Mosaic Sync Manager access to your QuickBooks Company File

Checking your Sync Manager Version

  1. Open your Sync Manager.

    It will likely be hiding in your tray bar at the bottom right of the screen.

  2. Double click on the version number.
  3. Click on the file to copy.

You can send this to us so that we can check if the version has been updated successfully