Common Auto Sync Issues


Issues may arise preventing Phases from syncing between your integrated application and Mosaic. Below are common scenarios and resolutions:

Subphases Not Enabled with More Than 1 Level of Phases

  • Mosaic defaults to a single level of Phase and Work Category. Enabling Subphases allows up to 10 levels of phases for import. If you have existing integrations with work categories, contact your Customer Success Manager to convert Work Categories to Subphases in Mosaic.

Duplicate Phase Name + Phase Number Combinations

  • Mosaic requires unique Phase Name and Phase Number combinations. If you have duplicate combinations under the same parent phase, Mosaic will auto-increment them. To resolve duplicates manually, modify them in your Integrated Application.

Time Entries

Several factors may hinder Time Entries from syncing between your integrated application and Mosaic. Consider the following:

Project / Phase / Member / Work Category Not Linked

  • Mosaic syncs time entries only if:
    • The Project is linked.
    • The Phase is linked.
    • The Member is linked.
    • The Work Category is linked (if applicable).
  • For additional details, refer to Troubleshooting Time Entries.

For QuickBooks Desktop Customers: Mosaic Sync Manager Issues

Project Lacks Phases and Main Project Phase is Not Enabled