ADP RUN Integration

Integration Setup

  1. Make sure you have your client_id and client_secret ready. If you don't have this information, make sure you have a subscription to ADP RUN and contact your client representative. For more information on generating a client_id and client_secret refer to the ADP Developer Resources

  2. Make sure you have your Certificate Signing Request ready. If you don't have this information, follow the Manual Process Steps in the ADP Developer Resources, submit a Certificate Signing Request to ADP Security Services and upon successful signing of the request, provide the .pem and .key files to your Customer Success Manager at Mosaic

  3. Login to and navigate to the company settings from the Home screen

  4. Select Integrations from the Settings menu

  5. Select ADP RUN from the HR Management options and input your client credentials (client_id and client_secret) to connect your ADP RUN instance to Mosaic

  6. That’s it! Once connected Mosaic’s team will confirm your data is populating correctly, and schedule a call to review

Integrate with Mosaic

Please provide the following details:

  1. Your client_id, and client_secret from step 1.
  2. Your .pem and .key files from step 2.